A Brief intro to Nipple Stickers

Nipple stickers better known as pasties are God’s gift to women like me. The very brief intro to nipple stickers begins here ↓

Nipple sticker History


If you’re a woman like me you like to free your boobs no problem because they aren’t a problem. If you’ve never come across either of the terms nipple stickers or nipple pasties you have made it to the right place to briefly learn more. Nipple stickers are nipple covers with an adhesive back made from different fabrics, sequin or other material. When you apply them to your nipples correctly they’ll stay on for hours and hours.

To my current knowledge nipple stickers made their debut as early as the 19th century. They were first worn by burlesque performers in the form of tassel covers as a part of their costume.

Burlesque performer in nipple tassels

Source : Burlexe


 Which later on in times more recent to now celebrities have added nipple stickers as a part of their outfits to look #littytitty when at award shows, nbd ( no big deal ) style and to show support for the free the the nipple movement.


Though I am not a huge celebrity, I’m known for and enjoy wearing and normalizing nipple stickers. The story of How I became a Nipple Sticker Queen can be found here. Thanks for reading, have a lit day and see you next post 🙂 . Kabrina Moonbear Adams wearing nipple stickers

P.S here are the links to articles I got the burlesque shot from, celebrity photos and the site of a photographer who shot me in (the picture above ) black and white :


Daily Record

US Magazine

Phil Knott

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