A Nipple Sticker Queen was born

This is the story of Moonbear’s path to becoming a Nipple sticker Queen ↓

Path to Nipple Stickers


The idea to start wearing nipple stickers dawned on me while I was at Electric Zoo fest for the first time in 3 years ago.Not even sure why or how it happened at that point. I told Melissa towards the end of the fest “Next summer it’s lit for wearing pasties “(pre Nina nipple sticker phrase influence).

Summer 2014 was lit but I was going to take it up a notch the next year and wear some nipple stickers. Next year at Ezoo was going to be ultra lit. So this a whole year of time I need to pass and I kind of forgot about it but not completely. Now let’s fast forward to around April ( maybe May ? ) I started telling girls I skate with like Nina and the Femme Skate squad ( R.I.P ) that I was going to do it in June. So some of them were hype and said they’d do it with me to.

When it came down to it though it was just me, which is fine. People are allowed to change their minds but I was like damn ya’ll are fake for that ( in my mind ). So in June at the Pride Parade in NYC that’s when I decided was going to wear them. What I didn’t think about was the part where there were going to be thousands of people seeing my boobs for the first time in public seeing as I was going to find my way in to the march.  Nina and I got in because surprisingly a cop was nice to us and her friends were in line to march in the parade.

Moonbear at pride parade nyc 2015

It took a while for the march to start and for me to take my shirt off but after I did…boy the response was completely unexpected. A lot of extremely nice comments on my boobs. I’ve seen my boobs plenty of times knew they weren’t hit but I really didn’t think I’d get the response I did throughout the rest of that day. I always thought people were more in to big boobs which I don’t have. I’ll gladly accept my sized boobs because the transition to bra less life would have been difficult.

All the pictures that were being taken, cheers and compliments were nice but it was still weird. I personally am weird about compliments. I don’t want them to get to my head, ever.

For the first day and time wearing nipple stickers my experience was a real milestone moment for me. As the weeks and months went by I continued to wear nipple stickers. I slowly got used to getting more comfortable without a shirt, doing it while skateboarding at skate parks, parties and where ever else. It wasn’t hard to get used to since my friends didn’t act weird and it felt very freeing.

When it comes to women and their bodies of course there’s going to be a double standard. It’s not normal for women to be topless here in the United States. I’m glad that I’ve mostly gotten support for wearing nipple stickers. Not everyone is going to understand it or accept it first or at all and that’s not my problem. I do it for me which is all that matters.


Moonbear at Electric zoo festival 2016

Links to photographers who shot me at Pride Parade NYC 2015 :

Oleg Lugovskoy

Erica Simone


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