Frequently Asked Questions about Nipple Stickers

All the frequently asked questions I’ve been asked or will be asked about nipple stickers end up here ↓

Nipple sticker FAQ

Nipple stickers a.k.a pasties are nipple covers made from different fabrics, sequin or other materials. They have an adhesive back which allows it to remain on your boobs ( I’m guessing that’s where you put ’em ) for hours at a time if applied correctly.

Why call pasties “nipple stickers” ?

My friend Nina Mo used the term nipple stickers around the time I started wearing them and it stuck.

Why wear them ?

Wearing nipple stickers gives me or you ( if you’re a woman too ) the freedom to free your boobs without freeing your nipples. Ideal if you’re not comfortable or willing to #freethenipple, you wear nipple stickers instead.

Who can wear nipple stickers ?

Anyone can wear them regardless of body type or gender. Although I personally think it doesn’t make sense for men to wear them. The exception to that rule is if men are wearing them to support #freemyboobs and #freethenipple movements.

How long can you wear nipple stickers ?

Based on personal experience you can wear them well beyond 8 hours. I’ve passed the 24 hour mark a couple of times ( in the season of the turnt life, summer ).

Do they hurt when you take them off ?

Yes and no. There have been times when it hurts taking nipple stickers off usually it doesn’t. The amount of time, sweat, brand, type of nipple stickers and so on effect if it hurts or not. If it hurts when you start to remove them, it’s similar to making the choice of ripping or peeling a bandage off. Leading us to the next question…

What’s the best way to take nipple stickers off ?

The best way to take them off is to peel them off slowly. Trying to remove them too quickly can result in a slight sting ( or worse ). So you’re better off taking your time, especially if you’ve been wearing them all day.

Can you get arrested for being shirtless and wearing nipple stickers ?

Women ( and of course men ) can legally be topless in the streets of New York. I believe the movie Free the Nipple being filmed in NYC helped shed the light on what the topless law is here.

Can you re-use them ?

Reusable nipple stickers do exist. I’ve never used them myself. I did think about it briefly the first time shopping for them online. I didn’t have to think about it again because I ended up getting sponsored ( yes you read right lol ).

When were they created ?

Nipple stickers originate from the costumes of women performing burlesque. Which brings us to the next question…

Who wore them first ?

Burlesque performers were the first to wear nipple stickers.

Where can I buy nipple stickers ?

They can be purchased online and at a physical stores like Spencer’s and Ricky’s NYC. A link with a list of sites will be here, #comingsoon.

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