All the frequently asked questions I’ve been asked or will be asked about nipple stickers end up here ↓

Nipple sticker FAQ

Nipple stickers a.k.a pasties are nipple covers made from different fabrics, sequin or other materials. They have an adhesive back which allows it to remain on your boobs ( I’m guessing that’s where you put ’em ) for hours at a time if applied correctly.

This is the story of Moonbear’s path to becoming a Nipple sticker Queen ↓

Path to Nipple Stickers

The idea to start wearing nipple stickers dawned on me while I was at Electric Zoo fest for the first time in 3 years ago.Not even sure why or how it happened at that point. I told Melissa towards the end of the fest “Next summer it’s lit for wearing pasties “(pre Nina nipple sticker phrase influence).